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A New Image Representing a FULL LIFE


If you reach this blog through our website you probably noticed the blog features a logo at the top. We’ll be incorporating it into our packaging over the course of this coming year. A couple years of exploration and testing have gone into the decision to go forward and use this illustration on our products because we feel it conveys an image of a dog full of energy and health.

The jumping dog (over the name Full Life for Pets) represents the energy, enthusiasm, activity and the health of our pets during their life. There are some subtleties incorporated in the logo too. For instance, the “lighter” area in the middle of the curved band. Light represents energy. The flow of light comes from nature, in the form of the sun. In some of the new packaging, there will also be the illusion of the sun behind the dog, again to represent the energy and life of our pets. The light unifies the image and focuses us on the name. The dark edges of the band reflect the night to day to night flow of light, and passing of time.

We often associate our dogs with nature. They’re the ones that get us outside walking or engaging in games of fetch – or swimming or hiking with them. They introduce us to other pet lovers that we might not meet if we weren’t with our dogs. They delight us when we see them play in the snow or chase squirrels through fall leaves. They keep us company when we’re walking, running, biking, exploring.

To paraphrase author Louis Sabin, no matter how many or how few possessions we have, having a dog makes us rich. By giving our pets a full and healthy life they in turn, enrich our lives and we benefit by having a Full Life also! “Treat your dog to a Full Life,” by treating them with our healthy Full Life for Pets treats.