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Runaway Dogs – Lost Dogs


Last night I was the last one at work and was on my way out of the building. When I got to the front door, there was our Warehouse manager knocking on the door. He was coming back to let a trucker unload and had forgotten his keys. I let him in and he had his dog Cisco with him. Cisco is a little all black Chihuahua. We chatted and petted Cisco for a couple minutes, then the two of them went out to the warehouse. I finished sending two or three texts, then went out to my car and drove out the East driveway toward a very busy street.

While I was waiting for an opportunity to turn onto the street a little black dog came running up to the car!

I thought it was Cisco! I thought he must have jumped off the freight dock when they opened up for the truck to unload – which would have been a very long jump and probably caused an injury. The little dog wouldn’t come to me or get in my open car door. He kept on running East down the sidewalk of the busy street.

I called the warehouse and they didn’t think it could be Cisco, they were sure he was in the warehouse somewhere. It was such a busy street I was worried. I turned out and looked for the dog, afraid it would be a blob on the street. I drove around for about a ½ hour looking for it and asking people if they’d seen it but there wasn’t a sign of it. Luckily, it wasn’t Cisco! It was probably a local dog on his way home and in a hurry. I still hope so.