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Tick Season!


Now that that it’s warming up in most of the country (sorry about that Minnesota and Wisconsin, I’m sure it won’t be much longer before it quits snowing! J ) tick season is coming! We’ll get lots of fleas too but we all know to use our preferred flea preventions. Dealing with Ticks are another story! Getting a tick off your dog isn’t easy. Although there are all kinds of tick removal tools that work effectively, no matter how many we have at our house we never have them in our pocket when we need them! I have a note that a teacher posted some time ago that offers a simple, effective way to basically smother a tick and make them let go. Take a ball of cotton and soak it with liquid soap. Then hold it on the tick until it lets go. It will only take a couple minutes. I think I’ve read that Vaseline smothers them effectively too. Ticks dig their mouth pinchers into the warmth of the body of dogs and people and suck our blood until they’re full and fall off. It may take a couple hours for that to happen and in the mean time they can be infecting us and our pets with diseases like Lyme disease. The sooner you can get a tick off, the better. So, I’m off to grab the liquid soap and find a cotton ball – I’m sure a towel will work too!