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Treat Or Training Tool? Full Life Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe Treats Are Both!

The hearty aroma and flavor of bacon - your dog loves it as much as you do. That's why we came out with a Bacon Recipe variety of our Full Life Trainer's Choice Treats, featuring the taste of sizzling bacon fresh off the grill. But these bacon-flavored morsels are more than just delicious treats. They were also designed with professional-trainer-recommended features that make them a highly effective training tool. Treat or training reward? How you use Full Life Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe Treats is strictly up to you!


Real Meat #1 Ingredient

Whether you need a reward for training purposes or just want to give your furry friend a special goodie, there's no better choice than Full Life Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe Treats. Their #1 ingredient is real meat (pork liver), the taste dogs love best. Their irresistible bacon flavor will immediately capture dogs' attention during training and motivate them to perform, shortening the learning curve.


Small And Low-Calorie

Full Life Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe Treats are smaller and lower in calories than standard dog treats, which makes them ideal for the repetitive rewarding that training requires. At just 1-1/2 calories per treat, you can give them repeatedly to reinforce behavior, without having to worry about weight gain or your dog getting a full stomach and losing interest in the training session.


Healthy Ingredients

Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe Treats are rich in high-quality meat protein and natural botanical extracts, and they contain no corn, soybean, BHA, BHT, artificial flavors or Ethoxyquin. This is especially important for a training reward, because even though the treats are small, they're given repetitively to reinforce learning, so the dog's total intake can be quite large. Using a training reward with nutritional, non-artificial ingredients can make a big difference in the dog's health.


Training Anytime, Anywhere

The moist texture of Trainer's Choice rewards prevents crumbling, making them easy to carry and pull out from a pocket, pack or dispenser. This convenient portability allows you to take the treats anywhere, indoors or out, for on-the-spot training. This is another highly recommended feature in a training tool, since immediate reinforcement is key to the canine learning process.


Grocery Store Convenience

With their quality ingredients and trainer-recommended features, Full Life Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe Treats might seem like a specialty store item. Good news! They're sold in the pet aisle of grocery stores and supermarkets. You don't have to go out of your way to buy them or worry about running out. And that's something busy pet parents will appreciate - regardless of whether they use Full Life Trainer's Choice Bacon Recipe rewards as a treat or training tool.