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University Certified Dogs?


I learn so much on the way to work – just by reading the signs on cars and trucks! Today I was sitting at a stop light looking at a truck nearby. On the back end there was a picture of a golden retriever’s face in a circle that said “University Certified Canine Team.” I quickly wrote that down so I could remember it long enough to look it up and find out what that was. I know there are lots of trainers that train scent dogs for different reasons, mostly for tracking humans. In know there are clubs that get together to train dogs to track different animals and different scents, it’s called “nosework.” Now I know that there are scent dogs (beagles in particular) that are trained to smell – bed bugs! The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association does the training. There are lots of pest control companies across the nation that use dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs. So …. if the occasion ever comes up in our homes we now know who to call. Dogs help us live a FULL LIFE too! There are many other ways that dogs contribute to our own health and we’ll talk more about how they do that in the future.