Frequently Asked Questions

How are Full Life dog treats different from other healthy pet foods in my Grocery?

Full Life OMEGA DOG CHEWS and TRAINER’S CHOICE rewards have been sold in pet specialty stores under other brand names for many years. They have super premium ingredients and years of recommendations by pet professionals. They have proven to be a healthy treat dogs love!

Why is having real meat (or fish or poultry) as the first ingredient so important?

Because there is more of the first ingredient (up to 80%) on the ingredient list in every product you buy, it’s important to know that you’re getting a high quality protein as the main portion, not a filler or a by-product. Protein builds strong muscles and bones.

Why is it so important that there is no corn, wheat, soy, lecithin, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, Artificial flavor, Glutens or Gains in the Full Life treats, depending on the treat?

There’s nothing bad about corn, wheat, soy, gluten or grains. They all add nutrition to foods. However, lots of pets have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. These ingredients are thought to cause the most allergic reactions – so we identify them and bring them to your attention so you can choose a product that suits your dog’s health requirements. They are also sometimes used as “fillers” to take up volume in food or treats. We choose to give you real meat proteins instead of fillers because they are healthier for your dog. They can also be binders, which hold ingredients together and are sometimes needed in soft moist products.

BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin are preservative ingredients that have been shown to cause skin problems, allergic reactions, dental disease and possibly stimulate adverse effects on liver and kidney functions and have been banned in some European countries. We choose not to use these preservatives because we feel there are better ingredients that preserve our treats that are healthier for your pet.

Lecithin, when used in the right percentage and from the right source can add shine to your pet’s coat. One source of lecithin is from soy. As we stated above, soy does cause some allergic reactions (mostly in people) so we choose to add Omega 3s and 6s to our treats for beautiful skin and coats.

Does Full Life offer any treats for pets with food sensitivities?

Duck is a very hypoallergenic ingredient and very few dogs are allergic to chicken.

  • Omega Chews come in Chicken or Duck treats.

  • Trainer’s Choice reward come in Chicken or Bacon, so you have options in either treat.

Do you offer coupons?

Yes, we have a couple of options. Retailers may have coupons in their stores or in their circulars. Our Floor Displays in retailers often have coupons attached to the headers. Since you are on our website you can look under the COUPON tab for the most current promotion.

Does Full Life for Pets do Animal Testing

We do test our treats for palatability by offering them to dogs to determine if they prefer our treats over other treats. We only do that after we have tested all the formula ingredients before and after making the treats so we have proof that they are safe for dogs to eat. If our treats don’t pass the “dog’s like them and prefer them to other treats” test, we don’t take them to market. (That has happened.)

Are Full Life for Pets treats available on-line?

Our treats may be available on-line through our customer’s websites. Even though as of this date (April 2012) our treats aren’t available Nationally, they soon will be. We’ll keep adding to the list of where they are available on this website.

Thank you for your interest in our treats. We love to hear from our customers! You can email us if you have a question we haven’t answered.